Your HIPAA Compliance

Are you struggling with your HIPAA compliance? HIPAA compliance may be complex, but it’s a critical issue for many practices and businesses in the healthcare industry. However, many small practices still struggle with becoming or remaining HIPAA compliant due to … Read More

Help with IT Services

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Medical IT Providers

Tier3MD are your medical IT providers.  We have been providing IT support since 2005 and focus mainly on medical practices and the medical community. Why Choose Tier3MD? Tier3MD has a proven track record in the medical community. Professional medical It … Read More

Understanding Cloud Technology

Every once in a while, I like to post something about understanding cloud technology.  I feel it is often misunderstood, and people don’t really understand the value, or what is involved.  Below are a few items that you may or … Read More

5 Priorities for IT Outsourcing

Outsouring IT services is one of the best practices to follow if you’re focused on reducing costs for your practice and yielding a higher return on investment (ROI) on your IT spending.  Below are the top 5 priorities for IT … Read More

Threats to Endpoint Security

Threats to endpoint security are becoming more and more common in the medical community.  With increased IT mobility and more BYOD work environments, managing endpoint security has become a challenge for many practices. If left unregulated, any one of your employees … Read More

5 Tips to Transition to a Mac

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3 Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

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3 Tips for Windows 10

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