The Latest In Ransomware

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, the latest in ransomware is really unbelievable!  A hotel in Austria was hacked recently, and the hackers locked all the guests out of their rooms!  Can you imagine that? They would not unlock the … Read More

Security Assessments

I often post about security assessments.  Not because we provide them, but because you need them!  Some practices feel that since they are not applying for Meaningful Use money that security assessments are a waste of time.  I can’t tell … Read More

Reporting a Breach

It may not always be clear what to do when you have a breach, but reporting a breach is one of the most important steps you can take.  In most cases, the practice is either not sure there was a … Read More

What is Ransomware?

I know I have posted articles about ransomware many times, but these days, you can’t have enough information on the damage ransomware can cause.  So what is ransomware?  Long story short, it is a malicious software used in a cyberattack … Read More

Tier3MD News!

I’m back!  Finally have a chance to breathe!  2017 has started off with a bang and I am anxious to share the Tier3MD news with you!  We are constantly changing and improving the way we provide support for you!   … Read More

New Goals for 2017

Every January, I like to post new goals for 2017.  Have you set yours yet?  My goals are always similar, still, I like to sit down and think about them.  I not only set them for the business, I like … Read More