Data Breaches are Rising

I hate keep haring on this, but data breaches are rising, and there is no end in site.  According to Healthcare IT News, November saw a 60 percent increase from just October, the month before.  November actually saw the most … Read More

Beware of Holiday Phishing Scams

As the Holidays approach, thieve and hackers are out in full force.  Beware of Holiday phishing scams.  Just today, Amazon announced that thieves are sending emails to people updating them on the “status” of their order.  The email looks authentic, … Read More

Tier3MD Expanding Again!

For immediate release December 9, 2016 Atlanta, GA Tier3MD has announced a new location will be opening up in Phoenix, Arizona.  “We are thrilled to be back in Arizona”, says Sheryl Cherico, CEO.  “We plan to expand quickly and begin … Read More

Tips for an Efficient Medical Practice

Every once in a while I like to post some tips for an efficient medical practice.  I am not a practice manager, but I have worked in hundreds of medical practices, and have picked the brains of hundreds of doctors … Read More

Do NOT Update Your Chrome Browser

I noticed a virus going around that is telling you there is an urgent update to your Chrome browser.  Do NOT update your chrome browser!  This is a virus that hijacks your browser and you will be inundated with pop … Read More