Does HIPAA Protect the Dead?

Where does your privacy go when you die?  Does HIPAA protect the dead?  Below is information from the website. Health Information of Deceased Individuals 45 CFR 160.103, paragraph (2)(iv) of the definition of “protected health information” Background The HIPAA … Read More

Schedule Your HIPAA Security Assessment

Please don’t wait until the last minute!  It’s time to schedule your HIPAA Security Assessment.  I can’t tell you how many people call me in December to run a HIPAA security assessment before the end of the year. Painfully, I … Read More

Are Your Laptops Encrypted?

Are your laptops encrypted?  Aside from being a major component of HIPAA compliance, you want to make sure your laptops are protected just for the sake of good business practices.  The last study I read showed that over 30% of … Read More

IT Service and Consulting

My blog today is about IT service and consulting.  Mostly, I like to write about our medical IT services, but it occurred to me that I never talk about our consulting.  As a professional medical IT support company, consulting is … Read More

HIPAA Compliance Tech Tips

Technical Requirements You May Not Understand HIPAA Compliance can be a mystery. It can be even more mysterious when you don’t understand technology. When you dig deep and try to understand the tasks and procedures you need to protect electronic data … Read More

What Will Hurt Your RISK Score?

When doing a security risk assessment it is helpful to know what will hurt your risk score.  This way you can prepare before you get a high risk score and you suddenly feel that your network is a disaster.  You … Read More

Do You Have a Password Policy?

The first thing I ask a practice when I do a security assessment is “do you have a password policy?”  More than 50% say “no”.  From my experience, it’s not because they don’t “have one”, it’s because they don’t want … Read More