Where is your healthcare record?

Have you ever thought about your own personal healthcare record?  Where is your healthcare record?  Is it in 5 different places?  Is it in one place?  Is it shared?  Who has access to it?  Have you ever really stopped and … Read More

Best Way to Keep Your Network Safe

The best way to keep your network safe is really very simple.  Education of your staff, and training of your staff.  You can spend thousands of dollars on the best software out there, but unless your staff is educated and … Read More

Is Your Healthcare Record Safe?

I had the pleasure of attending a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) meeting last week on the Georgia Tech Campus.  The meeting was titled:  Securing Healthcare and Balancing Compliance, Security and Information Access. Long title, but necessary!  Of course, as … Read More

Urgency from YOUR vendor

As an IT professional, and an IT support group for medical practices, providing healthcare IT brings a whole different level to urgency.  Of course, every issue is urgent in one way or another.  Especially to the person placing the call … Read More

How Stressed Out are IT People?

I was reading an article today (printed below) on “How Stressed Out are IT People?” A new study from healthITjobs.com is finding out that over half the healthcare IT workers are stressed because of deadlines, meeting, unrealistic workloads and too … Read More

Plan your IT Budget

Now that we are in the month of July, we are on the downhill for 2016.  It’s probably time to plan your IT budget for the rest of the year.  Historically, July is a slow month for IT purchases.  People … Read More