Reduce Your IT Cost

Have you thought about ways to reduce your IT cost?  I often talk about how the IT Department gets a bad reputation because they are not revenue generators, and are mostly seen as an expense.  There may be some truth … Read More

Computer Support Medical Practice

If you are looking for computer support medical practice, you have found us!  Tier3MD is one of the leaders in providing computer support for medical practices.  We ONLY provide support for medical practices, so our experience focuses around making sure … Read More

Healthcare IT Solutions

Tier3MD offers Healthcare IT Solutions for medical practices.  In business since 2005, Tier3MD has been providing healthcare IT solutions for practices as small as one doctor, to practices with 40+ doctors. What is the Difference? There really is a difference … Read More

Outsourced IT Provider

Do you have an outsourced IT provider?  I often talk about having an outsourced IT provider because choosing one is very important, and building a relationship with one is even more important. Make Your Relationship Better Having a good relationship … Read More

Backup Solutions

I know there are various backup solutions out there, but do you have the one that is right for you?  As an IT support group for medical practices, our biggest concern and headaches always involve backup solutions. Gone are the … Read More

Don’t Let Microsoft In Your Computer!

No matter how tempting it is…don’t let Microsoft in your computer!  Over the last few months, our helpdesk has encountered many phone calls for people that received a very legitimate looking error, that their operating system is corrupt and to … Read More

EMR Support Services

EMR ensures proper care throughout the provider’s clinic by documenting a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, tests, and treatment comprehensively and accurately. EMR allows effective communication and coordination among members of a healthcare team for optimal patient care Tier3MD provides EMR … Read More

Hiring a Consultant is a Good Thing!

By Christine Scarborough, RVT, CVPM Hiring a Consultant is a good thing!  The question is…why should you hire a consultant?  Maybe you’ve seen Office Space one too many times and you’ve conjured up images of your Swingline stapler being replaced … Read More

How to Utilize Your Healthcare IT Provider

Do you have an outsourced IT department?  Do you know how to utilize your healthcare IT provider?  There is much more to your healthcare IT provider than you may be aware of.  Below are 5 tips to to show you … Read More