Happy Holidays from the Tier3MD Staff

Happy Holidays! The owners and staff at Tier3MD would like to wish all of our clients, and yet to be clients a very happy and prosperous Holiday season.  We are looking forward to sharing 2016 with you, and wish you … Read More

Leave your computer ON!

At 5PM, when you are getting ready to call it quits for the day, do you turn off your work computer?  If so, you are like many others.  In my opinion, it is better leave your computer ON!  Why?  Very simple. … Read More

The End of Year Crunch

Are you ready for the end of year crunch?  Seems funny that I would say “crunch” when we often refer to this time as the “slow time of the year”. When I say the end of year crunch, I am … Read More

More Breaches To Come in 2016

According to Healthcare IT News, Symantec is reporting that there will be more breaches to come in 2016.    Healthcare breaches, cybercrime, ransomware will get worse in 2016,  Symantec’s security intelligence team has put together its top predictions for 2016 and … Read More

Too much Spam?

Are you getting too much spam?  If your inbox inundated with spam?   This is a very common complaint, especially if you have had your email address for a long time.  We have used “Outlook Rules”, junk mail filters, spam … Read More

Your ICD-10 transition

We are a couple months past the October 1st deadline for ICD-10.  I’m a bit curious…how did your ICD-10 transition go?  I would love to hear from you in regards to the following questions. 1.  Was it harder than you … Read More

The Life of a Computer Tech

You probably never wondered, but what is the life of a computer tech like?  You would be surprised.  Most computer techs are satisfied with their jobs.  The constant change in technology gives them the challenge they need to stay engaged. … Read More

Is your IT Department Available?

Is your IT Department available?  Are they there when you need them?  What happens late at night if your Physician is catching up on charting, and they can’t log in?  Who do you call?  Do you wake up your “IT … Read More

HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security

I am often asked the difference between HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security.  Because HIPAA regulations cover both privacy and security, they go hand in hand, yet they are different. The Privacy Rule The HIPAA Privacy Rule focuses on the right … Read More

Cyber Threats and Breaches

I know I blog a lot about cyber threats and breaches, but there is good reason for that.  This year was one of the worst years so far when it comes to cyber threats and breaches across the healthcare sector. … Read More