Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday.  Personally, I like to call it “Cyber crime  Monday”.  That is because employees all over the world will be flooding the internet purchasing goods from millions of sites, and passing along their name, address, credit card … Read More

Access your Medical Records

Have you ever needed to access your medical records?  Not for any specific reason, just to see them, see what’s in them, and maybe to make sure they are correct?  Did you ever wonder HOW you access your medical records? … Read More

Interesting Reading

If you have a little bit of geek in you, or you have a computer system somewhere that you care about, i have some interesting reading for you.  Do you know that the FBI has a huge, informational site dedicated … Read More

Need an IT Department?

Need an IT Department?  Need one but it’s too expensive?  Need an IT department but not full time?  For these reasons, Tier3MD formed an IT support business in 2005.  We are geared towards practices that need an IT department, but … Read More

How Important is Disaster Recovery?

I don’t like to harp on my clients but a question that always comes up is “How important is disaster recovery?”   My answer is always the same…VERY!  Unfortunately, most practices don’t concern themselves with disaster recovery until its too … Read More

Have you conducted HIPAA training?

We are rapidly nearing the end of the year and the reporting period is coming to an end. Have you conducted HIPAA training? Most practices I have spoken with have either said “no”, or they do the training up on … Read More

Microsoft Codess Event is Tonight

The Microsoft Codess event is tonight at the W Hotel in Midtown.  Sheryl Cherico, CEO of Tier3MD will serve on the panel, along with other female leaders in technology.  The theme tonight is “Think Big”. Codess is a community for … Read More

The Value of a Helpdesk

Do you currently use a help desk of any kind?  Have you ever thought of the value of a helpdesk?  In reality, most people don’t really enjoy calling the help desk, but if you think about it, the value of … Read More