The Facebook hoax is back

That’s right…the Facebook hoax is back!  It’s these hoaxes that keeps a HIPAA security consultant up at night.  Sure, Facebook is harmless…until the hoaxes start to show up. Here is the latest hoax “Now it’s official! It has been published in … Read More

What happens if you are not ready for ICD-10?

By now, most of you are ready for ICD-10.  What happens to those of you who are not?  Believe it or not, there are still some practices out there that are not ready.  Either they can’t afford it, don’t understand … Read More

Atlanta Medical Consulting Group

  Founded by Sheryl Cherico in 2008, the Atlanta Medical Consulting Group is still going strong.  It is made up of a group of consultants in the medical industry, and meet twice per month to build relationships, pass referrals, and … Read More

Are you emailing ePHI?

Tell me the truth (but don’t say it out loud)…are you emailing ePHI?  If you are, we need to talk.  Every office I go into to do a security risk assessment tells me they NEVER email ePHI.  As I peel … Read More

Federal Health IT Strategic Plan

Have you had a chance to look at the federal health IT strategic plan for 2015-2020?  Probably not.  You have to be a real geek to want to review this plan, and yes, I did :).  The plan explains how … Read More

The Physical Requirements of HIPAA

Are you keeping up with the physical requirements of HIPAA?  From my experience, this is the area that is most overlooked.  The physical requirements make up 24% of the security rule, however they requirements are somewhat vague.  It is stated … Read More

Employees who work from home

How do you handle your employees who work from home?  In large cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., working from home tends to be the norm rather than hustling through traffic and sitting in an office doing the … Read More

Efficiency for your back office

Have you ever considered the efficiency for your back office? Most practices have invested in optimizing their clinical and patient facing processes. But what happens when the customer leaves? A few things. For one, you will want to be paid … Read More

I have an IT Guy

If I had a quarter for every time I hear “I have an IT guy”, I think I could lay on a beach all day, or take off to Paris.  At one point or another, everyone has had an IT … Read More

How are you handling email?

Are you using Outlook in your office?  How are you handling email?  Years ago, it was one answer…Exchange.  Well now Microsoft has made it much easier to handle email, but putting it in the cloud. Not only have they put … Read More