How do I know if I created a breach of ePHI?

Examples of Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information How do I know if I created a breach of ePHI?  I am asked this question quite a bit and it’s really hard to answer.  A lot of healthcare employees are afraid … Read More

Do You Monitor Your Employees Web Usage?

I ask every client we have, “do you monitor your employees web usage?”  I get two answers.  “My employees are good people, I don’t need too.”, or they say “No but I need too.”  In my opinion, you need to. … Read More

Keep your Microsoft Licensing in Order

Do you keep your Microsoft licensing in order?  I’ve had a few clients come to me with an email they have received from the Microsoft SAM department, requesting an audit of all the Microsoft licensing in their practice. What is … Read More

Disaster Recovery Plans in Medical Practices

For the last 5 years, I have been out there doing all types of HIPAA security assessments.  What I see the most, is a lack of disaster recovery plans in medical practices.  For some reason, this gets left out.  The … Read More

Are you checking your EMR Audit logs?

Are you checking your EMR Audit logs?  Part of meaningful use, is that your certified EMR must be able to log where an employee has been, and what they are doing.   Employees in healthcare systems all over the country … Read More

Stage 2 Meaningful Use Proves to Be Challenging

With all the moving parts and continual changes, State 2 meaningful use proves to be challenging.  Ever since it was finalized in 2012, critics have commented on the strenuous criteria required and have objected to some of the requirements. Especially … Read More

Symantec and Veritas Split Companies

On August 11, 2015, the announcement came that Symantec and Veritas split companies.  This is a very good move for both companies.  The Carylye Group, a global investment firm with a strong record in growing various businesses entered into an … Read More

Network Support for Physicians

Physician practices are small or large businesses.  To keep a practice running, you need good solid IT support.  Tier3MD specializes in network support for physicians.  We have been in the medical IT field for 10 years, and only service the … Read More

Security Issues in your Practice

Do you have an security issues in your practice?  Would you know if you did?  Every time we do a security risk assessment, we find similar issues in each practice.  This certainly is not from neglect.  It is simply a … Read More