Tier3MD Providing IT Support for Hospitals

IT Support for Hospitals Tier3MD providing IT support for hospitals in the Atlanta area, Is a great way to assist hospital IT departments.   Known primarily for supporting medical practices, Tier3MD is supporting some of the largest Hospitals in the … Read More

Upgrade Your Windows 2003 Servers Today!

The time is counting down.  Upgrade your Windows 2003 servers today! Most IT administrators and outsourced IT companies are aware that Windows 2003 Server will be retired in July, 2015. Hopefully, you have either begun your planning, or decommissioned your … Read More

Cyber Crime and HIPAA Threats

On March 11, 2015, Tier3MD hosted its first lunch and learn on Cyber Crime and HIPAA Threats.  “I would say this presentation was a huge success”, says Sheryl Cherico, CEO and presenter.  “I say this was a success because everyone … Read More