Windows 2003 Servers End of Life

Microsoft has announced the Windows 2003 servers end of life is July 14, 2015..  This doesn’t just mean that you will no longer be able to call for support.  It means that they will no longer be providing critical security … Read More

Top Notch Healthcare IT Support

Tier3MD is a support group that focuses only on top notch Healthcare IT Support.  We are committed to providing  medical grade support for your practice.  If you are a medical practice, it is important for your to employ top notch … Read More

Are your Healthcare IT Needs Being Met?

  What are your Healthcare IT needs?         Do you have sufficient networking and bandwidth? Does your IT provider understand the specialized wireless needs of medical facilities in order to maintain HIPAA compliance? Are you utilizing online … Read More

Are you meeting your New Year IT Resolutions?

Happy New Year! Happy New Year…12 days ago.  Are you meeting your new year IT resolutions?  Are you dieting?  Exercising?  Did you stop smoking?  How about your IT resolutions?  Let’s not take our IT for granted.  Some great resolutions for the … Read More

Meaningful Use Audits

The Audits are Here I have noticed over the past few weeks, my clients are starting to contact me in regards to their security risk assessments.  They are being audited by CMS.  I really thought this was not going to … Read More

HIPAA Privacy in Emergency Situations

BULLETIN: HIPAA Privacy in Emergency Situations U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights HIPAA privacy in emergency situations – In light of the Ebola outbreak and other events, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services … Read More

Protecting Your Identity

Are you concerned with protecting your identity? I have written numerous articles on identity fraud, protecting your identity, and protecting your ePHI.  Still, hackers find different ways to get into your computers, and different ways to steal your information.  Antivirus, … Read More