What has the Sony hack taught us?

Did you learn anything? What has the Sony hack taught us?  Obviously, securing your network is not for medical practices only!  Personally, I am shocked that an entity like SONY would not have an iron clad network. Don’t ask me … Read More

Happy Holidays from Tier3MD

On behalf of Tier3MD, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our staff and customers at Tier3MD.  Without all of you, we certainly would not be here. We sincerely wish all of you a happy, healthy, … Read More

Tier3MD CEO Interview on Medical IT Support

Sheryl Cherico, CEO of Tier3MD provided an interview on Medical IT Support to CEOCFO Magazine. Below are a few excerpts from that interview. CEOCFO: Ms. Cherico, what is the idea behind Tier3MD? Ms. Cherico: Tier3 provides IT support for medical … Read More

5 Ways to Lose Your Job Online

5 ways to lose your job online. I thought the blog today would be lighthearted, informative and fun.  We are all on the internet on a constant basis, but fail to realize we need to protect our “internet self”.  You … Read More

Medical IT Cloud Services

Private Medical IT Cloud Services Medical IT cloud services is becoming the gold standard for medical practices critical applications.  A few years ago, I started talking to my clients about putting their important data into the cloud and you would … Read More

New Goals In National HIT Roadmap

December 08, 2014 | Mike Miliard, Contributing Editor – Government HIT News New goals in National HIT Roadmap The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has outlined its Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, 2015-2020, updating the goals of an … Read More

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Are you Prepared? Have you thought about business continuity and disaster recovery?  If you have, have you done anything about it?  As a medical practice, you owe it to yourself, your staff and your patients to protect ePHI, and plan … Read More

Medical IT Company

Have you chosen a Medical IT Company? Tier3MD is solely a Medical IT company.    We are a medical IT company supporting practices all over the country.  That’s what we are, that’s what we do.  Why don’t I just say … Read More

Five Tips To Safe BYOD

 Five Tips To Safe BYOD. In every business or medical practice, everyone wants to bring their own device.  They are comfortable with it, and in some cases, its better than what the company provides.  Some just don’t want to have 2 … Read More

Embracing Mobile Device Managment

Are You Embracing Mobile Device Management? If not, its time we embrace the age of mobility and BYOD in the workplace.  We really don’t have a choice.  In many instances, it just makes sense that we are embracing mobile device management. … Read More