Save The Date!

October 19, 2018! Tier3MD is working with the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition to present the Pink Cork annual gala!  This year we are looking at the Buckhead Club.  It is going to be one awesome event!  We will have food, … Read More

Back to Work

Here we are, August 3rd, 2018.  Time to get back to work!  If you are in the South, kids are either back in school, or going back within the next 2 weeks.  That means it’s time to get back to … Read More

Girl Scouts Becoming Technical!

Yay!  Girl Scouts becoming technical is a dream come true for me!  I am a HUGE advocate of girls and women in technology.  The girl scouts have officially moved into the 21st century. The Girl Scouts of America recently announced the creation … Read More

Understanding IT Support

I often post stories of our customers, the industry, HIPAA, policies, best practices, etc.  Understanding IT support is no small task.  I have been providing IT support in some capacity for the last 30+ years, and I’m not even sure … Read More

Group FaceTime

Apple users are getting group FaceTime! Apple’s millions of users love FaceTime, but unfortunately, there’s a problem with the highly popular app.  FaceTime only allows you to see and talk to one person at a time.  Apple fans have been clamoring for … Read More

Avoid IT Burnout

If I could avoid IT burnout, I would.  It creeps up on you and before you know it, you don’t want anything to do with IT or technology.  So how do you avoid IT burnout?  Some think it may be … Read More

Tier3MD CEO Volunteering

Tier3MD CEO, Sheryl Cherico is an official Team Captain for the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee!  “I am so happy to be selected as one of the volunteer team captains!  This is going to be such an amazing experience and … Read More

Windows Updates

Windows updates are killing me!  Last night, I wanted to do something “real quick”.  I wake up my computer only to see “79% complete” on the update screen.  That fine…i’ll wait it out.  So I waited, and waited.  When it … Read More

Choosing the right products

When making purchases for your practice, how do you know if you are purchasing the right products?  As a business owner, I am constantly trying to purchase the right products for my business, and for my customers.  Of course you … Read More

Amazon Show

Have you considered using Amazon Show in your practice?  I admit it, I am a true gadget person!  I love technology and I love using it.  We recently bought the Amazon Show for our internal company.  We have staff in … Read More