5 NIST Framework Core Functions

5 NIST Framework Core Functions are defined below. This is not a blueprint for performing security assessments, but will definitely help with the end result. 1,  Identify – With this function you will develop an organizational understanding that will help … Read More

Reboot Your Router

FBI advises to reboot your router.  Cisco’s Talos Security Team has identified a new threat, and it’s a nasty one impacting more than half a million consumer-grade routers in the US.  According to the Talos Team’s report, the new malware … Read More

Windows 7 Replacement

Believe it or not, it’s almost time for Windows 7 replacement.  I realize we are 18 months away, but that will fly by before you know it.  A Windows 7 replacement project is not something that is done quickly.  It … Read More

Before You Upgrade

Time To Upgrade Your Computer Network? Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know Before You Do… It’s that time of year again when most practices are  preparing the budget for hardware purchases to lighten the current year’s tax burden. One of … Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Practice

In case you missed it, below are 5 ways to protect your practice.  Just a quick 5 easy step process can save you hundred of thousands of dollars.  Give it a quick read! 5 Ways to Protect Your Practice  Make … Read More

Safeguard Your Data

As The Practice Manager, Do You Safeguard Your Practice’s Data And Your Patients’s Private Information BETTER THAN Equifax, Yahoo and Target Did? If the answer is “No” — and let’s be honest, the answer IS No — you are leaving yourself and … Read More


Firewalls are something that I don’t talk about enough.  They are the most crucial part of protecting your network, and your patient health records.  Firewalls block entry into your system, and are the number one protection on your network.  Let … Read More

Facebook Tracking

Facebook tracking has been big news lately. Why are we surprised?  When you voluntarily give out your private information, expect it not to be private anymore.  Let’s face it, Facebook is a very public platform.  If you really want to see … Read More

MIPS 101

MIPS 101 is really just a quick overview of what in involved in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.  Because CMS is required to implement quality payment incentives (Quality Payment Program) to reward values and outcomes, it uses the MIPS system … Read More

SamSam is Back

It looks like SamSam is back.  Not that it ever really went away.  It a report published in Healthcare IT News they talk about how SamSam is back and still pummeling the healthcare industry.  Hackers have hit at least eight … Read More