5 NIST Framework Core Functions

5 NIST Framework Core Functions are defined below. This is not a blueprint for performing security assessments, but will definitely help with the end result. 1,  Identify – With this function you will develop an organizational understanding that will help … Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Practice

In case you missed it, below are 5 ways to protect your practice.  Just a quick 5 easy step process can save you hundred of thousands of dollars.  Give it a quick read! 5 Ways to Protect Your Practice  Make … Read More


Firewalls are something that I don’t talk about enough.  They are the most crucial part of protecting your network, and your patient health records.  Firewalls block entry into your system, and are the number one protection on your network.  Let … Read More

SamSam is Back

It looks like SamSam is back.  Not that it ever really went away.  It a report published in Healthcare IT News they talk about how SamSam is back and still pummeling the healthcare industry.  Hackers have hit at least eight … Read More

Disaster Recovery Planning

As an IT professional, I tend to harp on your disaster recovery plan.  Do you have one?  Do you understand what should be in your disaster recovery plan?  Click Here to review a free copy of “The 10 Disaster Planning … Read More

Allscripts is being sued

In case you have not hear, Allscripts is being sued.  They are being sued over the ransomware attack that crippled their clients system for almost a week.  Of course, this caused significant business interruptions, and loss of revenue for its … Read More

Ransomware Explained

Ransomware Explained:  This cyberattack scheme hasn’t garnered nearly as much attention as the usual “break-in-and-steal-data-to-sell-on-the-Internet” type, but it can be even more debilitating. Ransomware attacks have begun appearing in the last few years and its practitioners are so polished that … Read More

Reporting Ransomware Attacks

The question I get asked most is “do I have to report a ransomware attack”.  Reporting ransomware attacks is not an easy answer.  My usual answer is “it depends”.  First off, you need to do a thorough investigations, most often … Read More

Another Hospital Hacked

There has been another ransomware attack on a hospital today.  Hancock Health is the latest victim of a ransomware attack that has left the doctors and nurses using pen and paper.  Every week or so I am reading about another … Read More

Cybercriminals Targeting IoT

In 2018 we will see a lot of cybercriminals targeting IoT along with smaller healthcare providers.  Ransomware breaches in healthcare jumped up to 89 percent in 2017, compared to the year before. In 2017 a  new study performed by Cryptonite … Read More