GDPR Audits

Through its sister company Discovery Computers and Forensics, Tier3MD will soon be offering GDPR audits.  Many organizations need the GDPR audits, but are not sure where to get them, or how they are performed.  Let me try to make this … Read More

Incident Response Planning

There are only a few things in life that you KNOW are going to happen.  Taxes, death and a security breach.  Now I don’t mean to be negative, but unfortunately, at some point in your digital life…it’s going to happen.  … Read More


Another thing we need to worry about.  Hactivism.  No, it’s not new, but it is back in the forefront of computer hacking. Hacktivism According to Wikipedia, In Internet activism, hacktivism or hactivism (a portmanteau of hack and activism) is the subversive use of computers and computer networks to promote a political agenda or a social … Read More

Alternatives over Passwords

File this one away under “confirming things we already knew.”  A recent study conducted jointly by Blink and Trusona confirmed that people just don’t like passwords very much.  We forget them, lose them, and they end up being a huge … Read More


Owners of Apple devices have a new attack vector to worry about, called “TrustJacking.”  Symantec researchers recently stumbled across a pair of scenarios that take advantage of Wi-Fi syncing of various Apple devices. These are scenarios that also take advantage … Read More

Understanding IT Support

I often post stories of our customers, the industry, HIPAA, policies, best practices, etc.  Understanding IT support is no small task.  I have been providing IT support in some capacity for the last 30+ years, and I’m not even sure … Read More

Streamline Support

If you really want to streamline support from your IT vendor, I have a few suggestions that would help both you and them out greatly. 3 Tips to Streamline Support  Add your IT vendor to all of you accounts, including … Read More

MD Anderson Fined

This breach breaks my heart.  Today’s headlines read:  MD Anderson Fined $4.3 million for HIPAA violations.  Why does this break my heart?  For two reasons.  One, is because I would rather they use that money to help cancer patients, and two, … Read More

Annoying Phone Scam

I just received the latest annoying phone scam today.  There was a message left on my phone that said the following: ” This call is intended for your serious attentions towards this matter.  Ignoring this will be an intentional second … Read More

Group FaceTime

Apple users are getting group FaceTime! Apple’s millions of users love FaceTime, but unfortunately, there’s a problem with the highly popular app.  FaceTime only allows you to see and talk to one person at a time.  Apple fans have been clamoring for … Read More